PG 13.5 Cable Gland

PG Cable Gland PG 13.5


PG13.5 cable gland means the dimensions of the hole size is 13.5mm with PG thread, the clamping range for the conduit fittings size is PG13.5

There are two types of PG13.5 clamping ranges for the flexible cables and conduit fitting, it’s 6-12mm and 5-9mm, which means the hole size of the cable gland is same on 20.4mm, but the cable size could be available in 6-12mm or 5-9mm sizes.

PG cable gland has many types of applications such as explosion-proof cable glands, armored cable glands, double compression cable glands, and EMC cable glands.

Size PG 13.5
Cable Range 6mm, 12mm
 A/F 22.00mm
 A 13.50mm
B 14.50mm
C 21.50mm
D 23.50mm
E 8.00mm
F PG-13.5
Material Brass BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3
Operating Temp. -25° C To +125° C
Thread PG
Finish Nickel Plated
Accessories Lock Nut  &  ‘O’ Ring
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