PG 36 Cable Gland


PG36 industrial cable gland means the cable glands designed in PG thread with the hole in 47mm dimensions size.this dimensions only allow the cable size in the range of 22-32mm.

The cable gland provides wonderful strain relief with IP68 protection grade against water and dust in industrial applications such as automation, new energy, photovoltaic technology etc..

PG36 industrial cable gland has high oil resistance and high-temperature resistance functions which ensure the cable gland working perfectly in the hazardous area for a long time.

The raw material could be many types of metal such as stainless steel and brass, especially ss304 and ss316 stainless steel cable gland, it has outstanding chemical resistant characteristic against acidic and alkaline elements.

Size PG 36
Cable Range 20mm, 32mm
 A/F 50.00mm
 A 32.50mm
B 22.00mm
C 49.20mm
D 29.00mm
E 9.00mm
F PG-36
Material Brass BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3
Operating Temp. -25° C To +125° C
Thread PG
Finish Nickel Plated
Accessories Lock Nut  &  ‘O’ Ring
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