PG 42 Cable Gland


PG42 cable gland designed in PG thread type with outstanding fire-resistant function in the high-temperature environment, you should not worry about the sealing degree and protection capability using it in harsh place more than 150℃. this dimensions only allow the cable size in the range of 32-38mm

PG42 fire resistant cable gland is widely applied in explosion-proof condition to ensure the cable gland could protect the equipment and cables working in normal condition when the explosion occurs with the big fire.

Because of the outstanding fireproof performance, the PG42 fire resistant cable gland is suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres which require flameproof function.

Size PG 42
Cable Range 28mm, 38mm
 A/F 58.00mm
 A 38.50mm
B 25.00mm
C 56.50mm
D 34.00mm
E 12.00mm
F PG-42
Material Brass BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3
Operating Temp. -25° C To +125° C
Thread PG
Finish Nickel Plated
Accessories Lock Nut  &  ‘O’ Ring