PG 7 Cable Gland


PG7 Cable Gland, Size PG 7 designed in PG thread with 12.5mm hole dimensions size, it’s made from brass  with integrated strain relief and IP68 waterproof protection degree. The PG7 thread is the smallest types of our cable glands, it could allow the 2- 6.5 mm electrical cables throughout.

PG7 cable gland could be used in all types of instruments, automation, power control, and industrial machines, it acts as sealing and termination devices to ensure the cables in the enclosure totally insulated from outside.

The small size compact design ensures the installation procedure easy in small cramped spaces.

PG7 cable gland has the advantage of high tensile strength, high reliability, IP68 waterproof degree, corrosion-resistant, vibration proof, the highest level of protection against dirt, dust, oil, grease, liquids, moisture, and gases.

Size PG-7
Cable Range 3mm, 6.5mm
 A/F 14.00mm
 A 7.60mm
B 11.40mm
C 13.80mm
D 17.65mm
E 7.00mm
F PG-7
Material Brass BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3
Operating Temp. -25° C To +125° C
Thread PG
Finish Nickel Plated
Accessories Lock Nut  &  ‘O’ Ring