PG 9 Cable Gland



PG9 cable gland, Size PG9 designed with PG thread, it’s also known as strain relief cord grip with the hole size in 15.2mm, which is a small size cable gland in our glands range.

PG9 Cable Gland strain relief are available for the cable size ranging from 4-8mm, it has outstanding holding power on the cables, tight grip on the cord to avoid water coming in with IP68 protection degree.

PG9 cable glands are widely applied in the areas where the cables and wires safely throughout into housings. The cable glands could work perfectly in the machines, automation equipment, new energy system.

As one of the professional PG9 cable gland manufacturers, we ensure you . quality and maintenance of the waterproof IP68 degree function for superior protection against corrosion.

Size PG 9
Cable Range 3mm, 8mm
 A/F 18.00mm
 A 8.50mm
B 12.20mm
C 17.70mm
D 18.50mm
E 7mm
F PG-9
Material Brass BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3
Operating Temp. -25° C To +125° C
Thread PG
Finish Nickel Plated
Accessories Lock Nut  &  ‘O’ Ring
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